Hey there!  Welcome to SouthGeek News!  Here you'll find a podcast where we cover techie and geeky stuff.  Enjoy!

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From Twitter to Rust

Is Twitter doomed? What's wrong with Mastodon? Twitter & Facebook data breaches. An opensource Remote Desktop application.

Daily Update for November 17, 2022

Xbox Holiday Promotions, Google Maps Augmented Reality, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, Samsung Cloud Gaming, iPhone 15 USB-C Ports

Welcome to the Dynamic Island

Apple announces new iPhone models. What's new with iPhone 14, what models were released, and should you upgrade? iOS 16 also released. Get it.

Welcome to SouthGeek News!

Donovan is attempting it, again. Welcome to the re-launch (or is it the re-re-launch?) of SouthGeek News! A podcast about southern folks and technology. Mostly.

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